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Put an end to pulling with this no-pull dog harness.

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Even Houdini Couldn't Escape

We know how much your little Houdini loves to try and escape but never fear, the 3 straps on the belly of the harness can securely hold your dog in place & prevent him/her from escaping.

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Safety Always Comes First

Never worry again about your dog not being seen by cars or traffic when walking at night with our highly reflective harness exterior that will keep your loved one visible and out of harms way.

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Be the Coolest Dog in the Neighborhood!

Upgrade your dogs style with top-quality nylon fabric that comes in multiple colors so your dog doesn't only feel secure but looks good too.

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What People Are Saying

"This harness is just awesome!!! Size guide is accurate and it is very well made. My dog gets so excited when he sees me near it, sits and waits for the harness to be put on. The strap on the back is quite handy, easy to adjust size to get the perfect fit on your pooch. After spending hours trying to find one that will work, this is the best choice..."

Beatrice, UK

"We purchased this harness for training our new rescue. She is 65 lbs and smart - she would back out or find some other way out of her previous harnesses. She CANNOT escape from this one because it wraps around her body in two places. If you're on the fence, get it. You will not be sorry!"

Sandra, US

"I'm glad I read the supplier's advice first and measured my dog. Even though he's what I consider mid-sized, he's thick in the chest and the measurement chart suggested size XL for him. I would have ordered L but the XL was just right. (He's a Lab Pitt mix and weighs about 70 lbs). We had no trouble putting it on our dog, he didn't object and seems to be comfortable with it."

Alan, US

"Finally found a harness for my houdini! It literally fit right out of the package. It took an extra minute to figure it out but it's really easy to put on. Once it's over their head you just follow the natural way the belt goes under their legs and then clip the 2nd belt like part around their tumtum."

Liz, UK

"My 21 pound fur baby would pull out of other harnesses. He's very stubborn and some of the situations were dangerous i.e: traffic etc. This harness is well built and very sturdy. Jax loves it! I can take him on walks with confidence now!"

Al, US

Questions & Answers

Q: My dog is an escape artist. Can she easily escape from this harness?

Answer: My dog is also an escape artist. We went through 3 other harnesses before this one since I adopted him last July. However, this one is perfect. He's been unable to wiggle out of it. It fits nicely and the "handle" has been helpful in keeping him from jumping on people.

Q: It says 5 points of adjustment. I am only seeing three? can the rib and belly areas be adjusted? I have a major escape artist.

Answer: Yes, It has 5 points of adjustment. This harness is priceless to me! It allows me to confidently walk my medium-sized terrier without worry. She backed out of every other harness I tried. I walk with all two of my dogs together and my terrier (a fearful rescue) initially tried her very best to get out of this harness, but is absolutely unable to and now doesn't try as often.

Q: Will this work with a dog missing left leg at shoulder?

Answer: It sits back some, so maybe. May need to see a link between chest & abdominal piece.

Q: Is the part where you attach the least metal or plastic?

Answer: The part where you attach the leash to the harness is metal it is in top and there is a handle so you can lift dog up in the event of an emergency or what have you. This is the only harness my dog has not escaped out of, I really love this harness. It gives you a piece of mind knowing your dog is safe. I would encourage any dog owner who has a dog that scoots out of their harness to get this one. The only other harness I will be buying in the future is another one of these when this one gets old. So far it is holding up very nicely.

Q: Can this be used for rock climbing?

Answer: Yes, this is a multi-use harness, for daily walking, rescue, or wild trip.

Q: The pictures and price seem great. Will this product be frayed easily?

Answer: We've had this product for 2 months, and the only fraying that has happened is where my hound dog went under a barbed wire fence and caught the nylon on a barb. She likes this harness much better than the one that was mostly straps that we used previously and that she had learned to escape from. We are very pleased with the product.