Our story started with a rescued furry friend(Bella) adopted from the animal shelter. She had suffered from her past life that she had a lot of past traumas, which led her to some hard-to-correct behavioral problems. 

She had poor social skills, aggression towards people, anxiety, etc. You name it. Thus, we needed some dog gear to help us bring her back to normal life while ensuring her safety.

We’ve tried so many gears, but they didn’t work the way they claimed, which made our life even more challenging. Therefore, we figured that we should make the product by ourselves.

That’s when BELPRO was born. We aim to make you and your dog’s life easier and happier by providing products that are functional, comfortable, and durable to use.

Our mission is to adore them, care for them, shelter them like family.

And we truly understand the hardship and joy of raising pets, especially sensitive rescue dogs.
Thanks to all the pet parents who care for their pets with patient and love, just like us. Thus, if you have read this far, use this code(: love4ever) to grab yourself a discount.
Dog Harness